Medical Examinations

The Surgical centre Rožna dolina has all the modern equipment needed for a quick and accurate diagnosis, as well as for monitoring the patient’s progress both during surgery and recovery. We are dedicated to establishing a relationship of trust between the patient and the doctor, starting with a face-to-face consultation at the clinic.

Bearing in mind a holistic approach to health, we perform:

Preoperative Services
The patients who decided to have a surgery at the Surgical centre Rožna dolina will meet with their surgeon for preoperative evaluation.

Outpatient Examinations
The Surgical centre also provides clinical examinations for patients who are not scheduled for surgery, but have health problems and wish to be examined as soon as possible by a specialised doctor, or seek a second opinion.

If you wish to have a medical check-up at our hospital, please call us to schedule an appoinment. At your first visit, please go to the reception. You should also bring an identification document and any documentation regarding your health problems.