Surgery and Treatments

The main activity of the Surgical centre Rožna dolina is surgical procedures performed by highly qualified surgeons. Apart from being experts in their fields, they respect their patients, take the time to listen to them, and personally monitor them from the first visit at the clinic until the end of the treatment. The main criteria for doctors to be invited to work at the Surgical centre are high motivation, professional recognition, and above all, the ability to empathise and communicate with patients in a friendly manner.

The Surgical centre is distinguished by the following types of surgery:

The Surgical centre Rožna Dolina also cooperates with numerous external experts to perform surgeries from the fields of otorhinolaryngology and urology.

Patients who undergo treatment on the basis of concessions (as fully-insured patients, free of charge) are treated in the same way as self-funding patients. Precisely for this reason, the Surgical centre has been ranking among the best hospitals in Slovenia for several years in a row.

There are no waiting times for self-funding patients. Therefore, the Surgical centre is mostly visited by patients who wish to solve their problem without having to wait long for the surgery, and to receive personal and wholesome medical treatment.